Taskbar Activate 2.5

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Taskbar Activate 2.5

Free Taskbar Activate allows one to access the taskbar anytime
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Taskbar Activate is a system modification tool for Windows. This application takes control of the taskbar and of several status windows so that no other application or the operating system can control them.

The developer noticed how some applications made it impossible for the user to access the taskbar. This is especially so when applications go into full-screen mode and the taskbar simply vanishes, and you can't control it anymore. By "control" I mean to move it around or even see it, so that you can click on the items that are located thereon. The only way out of this situation in which the taskbar becomes unresponsive is to quit the application that went full-screen, or disable the full-screen mode. Thus, the developer decided to create an application that always controls the taskbar, so that no other application can.

By default, the taskbar is hidden, but you can easily access it by holding your mouse pointer at the bottom of the screen for 200ms. You can change this delay in the settings. There are also options to set the taskbar on top of other applications and to automatically hide it when it is no longer in use. The program settings are written in awful English, so it is kind of difficult to understand what each one of them does. It is a matter of trial and error, in any case. Most of the functions of this application are already included in modern operating systems. They prevent other applications from taking control of the taskbar. Thus, I don't see any point in installing this application on newer operative systems.

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RR Lara
Amazing, trying to get the feel of my linux desktop on windows and this is just the thing I needed!

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